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Major Nook software upgrade released

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NookA major upgrade to the software powering the Barnes & Noble Nook has been released, as developers attempt to address some of the major performance issues with the surprisingly successful eReader.

We've held off on a full review of the Nook because of the performance issues and a promise from those in the know at B&N that these shortcomings would be addressed in a forthcoming upgrade. That upgrade is on the way.

What sort of issues are addressed? Mainly, the slow performance associated with most routine Nook operations: the formatting of downloaded books (which will be cached; currently every time a book is opened it must be reformatted) and other documents not purchased from B&N, the turning of pages, and the opening of an already-viewed document. Also streamlined: the time to open different sections of the Nook.

The upgrade will also add support for in-store experiences. Currently, when you use a Nook on a Barnes & Noble in-store WiFi network, you'll see a B&N logo next to the WiFi logo, but there's nothing else to indicate you're browsing in a store. The upgrade will unlock this functionaiity.


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