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Who is buying eBooks? Women reading fiction

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KindleSurprise, surprise: the hardcore power users in the eBook world are the same demographics as the hardcore power users in the physical-book word, as a report called Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) indicates both hardcore groups are dominated by women buying fiction.

No surprise, really. The BISG says most eBook power buyers -- that is, someone buying an eBook at least once a week -- are by and large women (some 66 percent), who mostly buy fiction. Out of the entire eBook market, power buyers make just 18 percent of all buyers, but they buy 61 percent of the eBooks.

In terms of exactly what is selling: literary fiction, science fiction and romance lead the way, each with over 20 percent of the market. Overall, eBooks comprise 11 percent of the total book market, with 13 percent of print book buyers also downloading eBooks.

That evolution of the market isn't surprising: early gadget adopters tend to be men, but as eReaders become more mainstreams, its userbase logically would look like the book market as a whole. And that's exactly what happened: If women buy 64 percent of all books, it's no surprise they're buying 66 percent of all eBooks.

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